Hi there,how to be healthy and happy

I live close to nature in a rural village near the coast in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I love living close to nature. I also grow my own vegetables, fruit and herbs. I am aware of the importance of keeping as healthy and fit as possible in order to live a happy life.

As a practising Healer and Coach, I am passionate about helping people to heal holistically so that they can find true freedom and purpose, and also to become happier by making better and healthier lifestyle choices.

My journey to health and fitness

Like all of us, I have been through ups and downs in life. I have struggled with burnout, loss, grief and health problems which have lead me to become interested in healing techniques and ways to boost my energy levels in a natural and holistic way.

I have realized that the choices I make on any level of myself – be 
it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – affect my energy levels, my state
 of happiness, my relationships and how I interact with my environment.

For me the purpose of this website is to raise awareness of the importance of creating a healthy mind, body and living environment; and awareness of how that contributes to raising energy levels – which in turn leads to health, wellbeing, happiness and abundance.

Live consciously.

“You have the power within you to change your self and to create the life you want”.

Love, light and laughter!