mind power training
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Mind power training for quick & easy performance and happiness

Mind Power Technology and Methodology  MindPT was designed with mind power training techniques. The sessions are designed to improve your health, your performance and your mindset for increased happiness and vitality in just 3 minutes a day. They combine cutting […]

free long distance healing
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Free long distance healing webinars that will transform you

Heal yourself, heal the world These free long distance healing webinars are about personal growth and guidance. You get activations and meditations in live interactive and transformational webinars, featuring today’s cutting edge thought leaders. These webinars are for […]

mini trampoline rebounders
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Mini trampoline rebounders – get fit and healthy fast

What is a rebounder? Mini trampoline rebounders are built according to specifications that help you get fit and healthy fast. Researchers have called rebounding “a miracle exercise” and “The most effective exercise yet devised by man”. NASA research […]

blenders vs juicers
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Blenders vs Juicers – which would you choose?

Blenders vs juicers? Whichever you choose it’s health in a glass The super fresh juice of a fruit or veggie combo is rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, which are destroyed when we cook […]