Choose to be happy – change negative core beliefs

change negative core beliefs

Change negative core beliefs by replacing them with positive ones.

Have you noticed that when you are happy you have more energy and vitality?

Happy, high energy becomes available to us when we acquire core beliefs about ourselves that are fulfilling, life-supporting and spiritually transforming.

Positive core beliefs are:

  • Security. I am supported and safe.
  • Self-worth. I am enough, I am worthy.
  • Love. I am loving and lovable.
  • Fulfillment. I am contented, happy and whole.

To achieve happiness we first have to become aware of who we are and what it is that is causing our negative behaviours and states of mind and – ultimately – change negative core beliefs.

What are your limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the stories we believe about ourselves in the areas of security, self worth, love and fulfilment that have been compromised by our conditioning and our environment while growing up. And most of these beliefs are unconscious.

One of the most debilitating beliefs that we have is that we are not enough. We may believe that we don’t deserve love because we have been hurt in the past. Or we don’t feel safe and supported because we have abandonment issues. Or we won’t ever be rich because we don’t work hard enough and “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

What we believe about ourselves can also have both positive and negative effects simultaneously. For example, you may be highly motivated to be financially successful, which is positive. But if you believe that the means justifies the end, i.e. that you can be selfish, hurtful and ruthless to reach your financial goal, your motivation is compromised.

Another way of compromising your goal is through unconscious self-sabotage, because you believe you don’t deserve it.

How can we create positive core beliefs?

We can’t change negative core beliefs simply by discarding the old one and adopting a new one. We have to become aware of them through self observation, self-awareness and self-healing.


  1. Stop dwelling on the past – you will only go around in circles and get stuck in those stories.
  2. Stay in the now. Practice keeping your awareness in the present. Observe your thoughts in the now as a reflection of your core beliefs.
    • If the experience is negative, ask yourself how it fits into the storyline your beliefs have created. E.g. if you are experiencing abusive treatment in your relationships, this may reflect a belief or story of victimhood during your childhood.
    • If your experience is positive, e.g. that of kindness and love, it reflects a storyline or core belief that you deserve love.
  3. Stop the stories. Then, once you have become aware of the core beliefs, gradually get rid of the stories. Free yourself. You only need to live in the present moment.
  4. Trust in yourself. By living in the present moment you get closer to the core self, which is pure love, self-worth, trust and wholeness.
  5. Keep that in mind as a daily practice.

As you go through the process you change negative core beliefs like peeling an onion – until you reach your true self at the very core of your being. There you will realise the crystal clear and absolute truth about yourself:

  • You are safe. The Universe supports you.
  • You are unique and worthy.
  • You deserve unconditional and infinite love.
  • Your happiness and fulfilment comes from being whole in yourself.

 Self awareness is key to changing your core beliefs

Self awareness and the practice of staying in the moment can be expanded through daily meditation practice. By experiencing the silence, wholeness, peace, joy and love at the very core of your being, you will open up the door to core beliefs that are a reflection of pure consciousness and high energy.

Cutting edge techniques to help you change negative core beliefs:

What are the core beliefs you can change to free yourself?

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  1. Self-awareness is definitely the key to changing our core beliefs! The thing is that most of us do not have self-awareness! The tips you give for staying in the moment are great and they are the main ideas of the psychotherapeutic process! Great article! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Best wishes,

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