Exercise for energy – and have fun doing it

exercise for energy

Why do we feel more vitalised and energetic when we exercise?

This is because the oxygen we breathe in through the lungs is carried by the red blood cells and circulated through the entire body to produce energy. The more we exercise, the more we breathe, the more oxygen is circulated, the more energy is generated! In short: exercise for energy.

So, too much rest and lying around only makes you feel more lethargic and lazy because you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your blood cells. I know, sometimes it’s hard to get up and go, but you won’t regret it once you have made the effort!

Exercise does not have to be too hard or boring

There are a multitude of fun ways you can do exercise to boost your energy. If you don’t like going to the gym, like myself, you can always find activities that appeal to you and your personality type. Get a pen and paper and jot down the physically active pastimes that you would enjoy doing.

Let your imagination go! Apart from the more conventional sporting activities or workouts, think of more unusual things you could do for your daily exercise or workout. The more you vary your activities the less bored you will get. Share with friends and pets if you like – the more the merrier!

Here is a list of fun ‘workouts’ and exercise for energy boosting:

In nature:
  • Walking in the countryside or along the beach
  • Surfboarding in the sea
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain biking
  • Playing with your dog, your kids or a friend. It’s fun to be silly!
If you live in the city:
  • Find interesting walking routes
  • Walk the dog or offer to walk a neighbour’s dog
  • Play in a park
  • Find a public swimming pool
  • Go dancing or take dancing lessons
At home:
    • Play with your cat or dog
    • Get a yoga video
    • Follow fitness games on a video game console
    • Dance to music while you cook or do the household chores
    • Get a rebounder (mini trampoline) – designed by NASA for the fastest, most effective workout ever!
Can you think of anything you would like to add to the list to exercise for energy?


  1. Hi Eril,
    I also hate to go to the gym as long as I remember myself.
    And I tried running outside – Hate it!
    Try Bicycle – Also hate it!
    But I have a dog so at least 3 days a week me and him have a walk for at least half an hour and I just now realize that it also kind of workout for me and for my dog 🙂
    So I leave near to the beach, I will definitely try to go over there with my dog.
    Thanks for the great tips.
    Love your site.

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