Free long distance healing webinars that will transform you

free long distance healing

Heal yourself, heal the world

These free long distance healing webinars are about personal growth and guidance. You get activations and meditations in live interactive and transformational webinars, featuring today’s cutting edge thought leaders.

These webinars are for you if you would like to:
  • regain your energy, heal and transform past traumas and negative beliefs.
  • create abundance in your life.
  • discover and express who you really are at the core.
  • live from a place of authenticity.
  • make the best choices that come from the highest level of yourself.
  • do work that is meaningful to you and others.
  • be restored to wholeness; fully awakened in your mind, body and soul.
and If you struggle with being:
  • unfulfilled in your career, relationships and other areas of life. 
  • disconnected from your emotions, experiencing deep sadness and find it hard to let go of past hurts and wrongs.
  • distracted and find it hard to focus on your goals and dreams.
  • envisioning the life you want to lead and to putting plans into action. 
  • feeling weakened and immobilised by a deep fear of rejection or criticism.
  • disconnected from your personal power, putting other people’s needs and feelings before your own.

The following two platforms have been established to openly discuss subjects, feelings and thoughts that are hard to find in the mass media. They have gained in popularity and quickly grown into lively interactive communities.

1. The You Wealth Revolution World Summit, with Darius Barazandeh

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Enjoy this important video about an easy way to increase your intuition by as much as 2 to 3 times, and prime your results!

BONUS: How to Effortlessly Prime Your Mind, Body and Soul for Energy Transformation – in Just Minutes per Day.

You’ll also get frequencies that open your energy system to begin accepting new energies in your finances, connection to others and to Source. You will tap into your natural sense of well-being, self-acceptance and abundance, increasing your personal power, feeling confident to speak your truth and much more:
you wealth revolution


2. The Beyond the Ordinary Show with John Burgos

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They feature some of the most interesting discussions about human connection, love, transformation, and metaphysical topics. They feature cutting-edge experts and awakened luminaries talking and giving direction about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual clarity:

beyond the ordinary

With these free long distance healing webinars you can heal yourself to heal the world.

Try them now! You can’t afford to miss it.


  1. Hi,

    I’ve just come across your site. I live abroad and its difficult to find anyone hear that speaks my language let alone anyone that could possibly help me through the rough patch I’m going through. It’s good to know I can do it through webinars! Would these webinars help with bereavement at all?

    • Hi Tina. The webinars tend to be more generalised. At the moment the subject matter revolves more around earths ascension and how to keep up with the new energies. I have a lot of experience with bereavement myself and could help you with energy healing if you would like to discuss with me :-).

  2. Wow! I never thought about this being possible. I have been pushing off doing this because I thought I would have to attend events. I never knew I could do it long distance from my computer!

  3. The description of who could get benefits by these webinars seems to be a picture of myself. Thank you for providing this affordable opportunity of free healing!

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