Healing with sound frequencies – techniques to resonate with peace, love and joy

healing with sound frequencies

Benefits of sound healing

Healing with sound frequencies is nothing new. Throughout history we have used sound, music and voice to soothe, heal and uplift our spirit – from ancient sanskrit chants and mantras through to modern day technological applications in therapy.

A range of sound frequencies resonate and align with the energy centres in our body, stimulating the cerebral cortex of the brain, calming the nerves and relieving pain. For example, the 528 Hz frequency, known as the Love Frequency, causes the secretion of the same chemical in our brain responsible for the feeling we know as love.

By using specific sound vibrations we can align ourselves with the frequencies that resonate with healing, happiness and universal connection.

Other benefits of healing frequencies:

  • It calms and relaxes you
  • Stress release
  • You get more energy
  • It enhances creativity and consciousness
  • Improved memory

There are many ways we can access healing with sound frequencies. Some of them are to be found in nature or simply in the music we enjoy. Some are to be found in ancient traditions and others are found in more recent techniques developed by modern science.

The sounds of nature

We all instinctively escape to nature when we are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed by the noise pollution of city life. And we always come back feeling reinvigorated and alive with energy.

The full harmonic frequency range can be found everywhere in nature – in birds singing, water running down a stream, a thunderstorm, crickets chirping or frogs croaking in a pond, etc.


Ancient civilizations understood the powerful benefit of sound and vibration. Using Solfeggio scale, they composed music that echoes the perfect mathematical proportions and sacred geometry that can be found in the construction of many ancient temples and medieval cathedrals.

Today there is a huge variety of music available, catering for every taste. Our modern day musical scale is out of sync when compared with the original Solfeggio scale. The vibrational effects are anxiety, limited thinking, suppressed emotions; and fear-based and lack consciousness. The negative effects of these dissonant vibrations lead to ‘dis-ease’ or disease.

 We have all experienced the power that music has on affecting our mood and our emotions. In order to keep a high vibration the rule of thumb is to select music that uplifts you and makes you feel happy.

Chanting and mantras

Chanting is the ancient use of sound vibration through the repetition of mantras or phrases that embody archetypal energies within us and uplift the spirit.

The better known mantras are “OM” and “A-U-M” and are repeated three times with intent, while feeling the vibration in the body. The ancient and sacred Moola Mantra contains enormous potential power that has the ability to expand your awareness and raise your level of consciousness.


Vocal toning is used to focus on different parts of the body, or the energy centres in order to correct and heal dissonances, in the same way a tuning fork would be used to tune a musical instrument that is off key. Specific tones or toning sounds correspond to the different energy centres and body parts.

singing bowlBells, gongs and bowls

Bells, gongs and bowls have clear ringing tones when struck and have been used since ancient times to balance and clear energy. They can be used for healing the body or for clearing negative energy in spaces such as a room.

Nada Yoga

This is a form of yoga that uses sound for physical and mental wellbeing, and is meant to raise consciousness. Nada is a Vedic word for sound vibration. Nada Yoga uses external and internal sounds.

External sounds are used by focusing on individual notes in music or in nature, or on individual letters in the simple sacred mantras such as ‘O-M’ or ‘A-H-U-M’.

Internal sounds are perceived through the heart chakra. You can practice listening to your own unique sound or vibration in order to balance your energetic body and expand your awareness.

Binaural beats

‘Binaural beats’ is a form of brain entrainment. It creates an auditory ‘illusion’ when listening to two different pure-tone sine waves in each ear through headphones. It is considered as a ‘shortcut’ to meditation, designed to synchronise brainwaves with different states of consciousness. 

The different brainwave states are:

  1. Delta Brain Waves (below 4 Hz) – Associated with deep, dreamless and restorative sleep.
  2. Theta Brain Waves (4 – 7 Hz) – Associated with the drowsy state near sleep or during light sleep. They can also be experienced during meditation and are characterized by deep relaxation, daydreaming, and creativity.
  3. Alpha Brain Waves (8 – 15 Hz) – Associated with relaxed wakefulness and can occur during light meditation. It is thought to facilitate the bridge between conscious thought and the unconscious mind.
  4. Beta Brain Waves (16 – 31 Hz) – Associated with being awake, physically active and mentally alert.
  5. Gamma Brain Waves (32 and above Hz) – (not to be confused with gamma rays) Associated with being in ‘The Zone’, the state of peak performance, flow, heightened focus, super concentration and productivity.


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binaural beats


By using the sound frequency techniques that appeal to you the most, you can align yourself with the vibrations that induce health, happiness, and higher consciousness.

Which of these techniques for healing with sound frequencies resonates best for you?

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