Healthy Mind

How to have a healthy mind

Healthy Thoughts

A positive attitude and mindset is key to raising your energy and to manifesting joy and abundance.

Being positive and happy raises your energetic frequency. The universe matches your vibrational energy and reciprocates by  delivering more things that uplift you and make you happy.

Healthy Emotions

Feelings like love, joy and peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies.
Heavy emotions like fear, anger or shame vibrate at low frequencies.

Things we can do to uplift our energy frequency

Whatever brings you into a state of flow is perfect, e.g:

  • Deep breathing exercises.
  • Regular meditation practice.
  • Communing with nature and animals.
  • Always finding things to appreciate and to be grateful for.
  • Being kind and loving to others.
  • Being kind and loving to ourselves.
  • Practicing and bringing in to our lives the uplifting qualities of peace, love, joy and compassion.
  • Forgiving ourselves and others.

Things we can avoid bringing our energy frequencies down

  • Stop overthinking things.
  • Avoid judging, bitching, moaning and gossiping.
  • Learn how to manage feelings like anger, hurt, guilt, sadness or depression.
  • Clear emotional blocks and past traumas.
  • Let go of the old negative beliefs, stories, habits, identities or concepts about yourself imposed on you through social conditioning.
  • Come to terms with our shadow self (being the victim, controller, manipulator, etc).

How can we manage our energy pathways to finally achieve health and happiness?

By learning how to become more positive, by healing ourselves or finding the help to heal and get rid of the ‘baggage’ that is holding us back. That will release and balance our energy and set us free to have happier relationships with ourselves and with others; and ultimately to live a happy, full and abundant life.

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