How to change your thoughts to change your life – you have the power to be happy

how to change your thoughts to change your life

Did you know, what we speak and think about about often is what we create and bring into our reality? You can improve your circumstances dramatically if you learn how to change your thoughts to change your life.

Every word we speak has an energy frequency and energy is light, sound, vibration and color. We are beings of energy, existing in a universal ‘sea’ of energy. Every thought we have, and every word or affirmation we make, has an energetic effect. 

Thoughts are negative or positive affirmations

Think about it. Anything you say or think to yourself is an affirmation of some kind, with positive or negative effects. Anything anyone else says, or has said to you is an affirmation that is registered in our subconscious mind, for better or worse. 

Most people still carry with them, in their basic underlying beliefs, the unsupportive things that they were told when they were young and impressionable. You can change the negative beliefs about yourself by changing your mindset. Our brains believe what we tell them.

The power of emotion

Negative affirmations have an especially powerful effect when there’s a strong emotion behind them, e.g. those moments when our parents, teachers or others were upset and told us something that made us feel worthless, shamed, guilty, sad or fearful.

It’s no wonder that we pick up limiting beliefs about ourselves, inferiority complexes and neurosis which ultimately lead to depression, illness, poverty, lack and general unhappiness.

Fortunately we can turn this around by using the power of positive affirmations whenever we catch ourselves thinking or saying something negative. This can help to counteract those underlying limited beliefs about ourselves and to reprogram our minds in order to create positive results.

Also when you make positive affirmations, bring in the emotion and the feeling associated with that affirmation. Remember, positive emotions such as peace, joy and love carry the highest vibrations. This will reinforce your affirmations and make them more powerful.

Let’s learn to use our words more potently so that we create the outcomes we seek.

Take charge of your imagination

The most common mistake is using your imagination for the things you don’t want.

Start a practice of filling your creative thoughts with ideas and wishes of what you DO want, no matter how crazy or impossible they may seem.

  • Never allow any thought into your imagination that you don’t want to materialize.
  • Don’t allow ideas into your thoughts about how your life used to be. Dwelling on the past is counter-productive.
  • Your imagination is yours alone. It is the garden of your dreams. Don’t allow other people’s ideas plant the wrong seeds of who you can or can’t become into your imagination, no matter how well meaning they may be.
  • Don’t allow current conditions in your life to restrict your imagination of what you can be or can have. Live as if your dreams already have come true.

Change your self concept

“Health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created;

they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind –

that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of

yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”

Neville Goddard

Redefine your self-concept by challenging everything that you’ve held to be true about yourself up until now.

Be open to examining everything you’ve previously thought limited you in any way.

Affirmation: “I place no limits and no restrictions on all that I intend to accomplish and become from now on”.

The power of self-awareness

Make a list of your own positive affirmations and write them down. Put up post-it notes everywhere to remind yourself, or write them on your bathroom mirror.

Make a habit of being aware of your thoughts and words at all times. When you catch yourself having negative thoughts or saying negative words, cancel them out with something positive. Eventually it will become second nature to you. Then, watch how your life changes for the better!

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Can you think of things you can do that can remind you how to change your thoughts to change your life?

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