How to connect with your higher self – expand your consciousness for happiness and abundance

how to connect with your higher self

What is awakening – or expanding your consciousness?

Learning how to connect with your higher self is a transformational process. It is like the peeling of an onion as we uncover the physical emotional and mental blocks and negativities that hold us back.  It requires focus and dedication.

Current society is unbalanced because of patriarchal or masculine dominance. It is characterized by hierarchy, competition, greed, conflict, ego and political power plays – characteristic of left brain dominance. The negative aspects of masculine dominance instill fear and discord – leading to wars when human beings turn against one another.

Matriarchal societies have been characterised by balance of power, equality and connection to nature and creativity, the qualities of right brain thinking. 

When there is balance between the right and left brain, and they start working together through the heart centre, awakening occurs. The lower self has to surrender to the higher self. Ego has to step aside so that there is balance between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine principles, and consciousness can develop.

Then we become one with nature and reestablish our connection to ourselves, to others and to all of existence.

‘Benefits’ of Higher Self Integration

When you are connected with your Higher Self, you will:

  • Release and clear away all negativities such as stress, pain, trauma and emotional blocks.
  • Let go of an overactive mind and mental chatter.
  • Experience a deep sense of calm.
  • Your energy frequencies are raised as you achieve the higher vibrational states of unconditional love, joy, peace, and compassion.
  • Feel balanced and centered so that external events hardly affect you.
  • Experience synchronicities and manifest things more quickly.
  • Gain access to wisdom beyond your conscious understanding.
  • Enjoy newfound freedom in just being who you truly are.
  • Find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life.
  • Deepen your relationship with your higher intelligence, or what we call God/the Creator/All that Is.
  • Experience abundance in all areas of your life.

ascension frequenciesHow to connect to your higher self

Its about healing yourself from negativities on every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and liberating yourself from any restrictions. You become aligned to who you really are.

As we release negative energies and heal old wounds and restrictions our energy centres become unblocked and our frequencies rise. 

See here how it works.


Physical Healing

  1. Treat your body with respect – it is the vessel of your consciousness – it must be as clear as possible. Heal yourself.
  2. Follow a healthy diet, detox and get regular physical exercise.
  3. Be conscious and listen to your body and be aware of any incoming energy. 

Emotional healing

  1. Dis-identify yourself from negative thought patterns and emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, anger and grief. They create separation and restriction.
  2. Process any negative emotions that come up – don’t suppress them. They need to be released. This can be achieved with Energy Healing.

Mental healing

  1. Take responsibility for your life – stop being the victim. By blaming other people in our lives and scapegoating authorities (i.e. governments, religion dogma/scripture, illuminati & conspiracies) we hinder our personal growth. Our personal growth and improvement is the greatest gift we can give to the world. If we want to change the world we have to take responsibility for ourselves first.
  2. Un-identify yourself from left brain thinking stories about yourself and others. Stop complaining, bitching, gossiping and judging.
  3. Let go of any thought patterns and habits that create constriction and separation.
  4. Be in touch with yourself and your integrity – be honest with yourself.
  5. Just be yourself – let go and be honest with others.
  6. Release limiting beliefs and heal old wounds (conscious and unconscious). 
  7. Practice forgiveness and gratitude.

Spiritual healing

  1. Stay in present moment. Thinking of the past or future habitually puts us into negative states.
  2. Let go of of left brain thinking (ego) and connect with your intuition (the personal and collective unconscious).
  3. Develop all your senses, including your intuition.
  4. Trust your ‘gut’ feeling.
  5. Use the breath to connect – feel the energy.
  6. Practice mindfulness and aware at all times.
  7. Meditate – connect with stillness and your inner senses.

Ascension, awakening or becoming conscious is about remembering who you are. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies.

You experience expanded consciousness in the physical ‘now’ through your senses and through your heart space. You leave ego behind. There is no judgement as you ascend inside and from within. 

As ascended beings we exist in a space of unity, and as one again. There is no separation, no lack, no memories – just the now. There are no gurus, teachers, disciples or students.

There is nothing to ‘do’. You remember your way back until you realize who you are.

Once you learn how to connect with your higher self you will find true meaning, happiness and abundance. 

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