Healthy YouIt is important to realise that we ourselves and everything around us is made up of energy.

Backed by the latest scientific developments, we are starting to realise that everything is energetically connected, and that we can no longer isolate the different systems in our minds and bodies from one another. What is more, we can no longer isolate ourselves from one another, or from our environment. Whatever we think, say, feel or do affects not only ourselves, but everybody and everything around us.

Integrating body, emotions and mind is the key to being healthy and living a happy life.

It is not possible to separate physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health from each other. We can’t maintain our physical health if we are unwell on any other level. Our body, mind, emotions and spirit work together as an integrated system.

If we are unwell on any of these levels our system becomes unbalanced, leading to lack of energy and disease. Mind body health, therefore, is important for our wellbeing.

Healing ourselves holistically will address imbalances on all levels and facilitate the natural flow of energy throughout the body, without blockages or resistance.

Read more about energy healing (also called holistic healing or mind body medicine) here.


  1. The thing I like to focus on the most is Balance. Being an entrepreneur, I find it hard to tear myself away from work and relax because it feels like I’m just wasting time. I remind myself that a healthy mind and body needs both hard work and rest and neither should ever be made more important.

  2. I have practices Siddha Yoga for several years. Through meditation, I have learned to still my mind and focus on the oneness of the Universe.
    Yes, everything is vibrating with energy! It is quite the experience having that realization!
    I also practice Hatha Yoga for my physical body, but all my practices are Holistically connected and when I find myself out of balance I can get back in balance fairly quickly now. Things that use to mess me up for days, now only effect me for hours or minutes. It’s amazing! I never go to bed angry or upset. 🙂
    Thank you so much for your article and reminding me to focus on my Holistic Health and Spirituality!

    • I have also observed the benefits of meditation and yoga – I can’t do without them! We tend to neglect the most important things when we are swept away by today’s cluttered world and its distractions…

  3. I would love to hear more on your campaign on how to have a healthy environment as part of our stewardship. The reason is that when we are responsible of maintaining a healthy environment it will bring back to us good health.

    Bring forth more on your page about climate change as the main issue that is bringing several illnesses to humanity in this modern times.

    I like the theme you used it’s simple and clear, it speaks of a good health.

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