Natural ways to cleanse your body – detox to boost your energy

natural ways to cleanse your body
natural ways to detoxify your body

Why detoxify your body?

Natural ways to cleanse your body are necessary to keep your body and mind in a healthy condition and to keep your energy levels up.

Our body has built in mechanisms to get rid of toxins in our body, such as crying, getting a runny nose, sweating and going to the loo. However, living in a world that has become overloaded with toxic agents and pollution cause our bodies to struggle to eliminate them.

In the first place, be aware of the elements that cause toxic build up in the body. That way you can avoid them as much as possible. Then, becoming aware of the signs of having toxins in your body and using regular routines to eliminate toxins will assist in keeping your body healthy.

What causes toxicity in the body?

  • Air pollution.
  • Foreign chemicals in household cleaning products, cosmetics and pesticides.
  • Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and aluminium, build up in the body over time.
  • Electronics, such as cell phones, TV and microwaves.
  • Radiology, such as X-rays and CT-scans.
  • Parasites picked up in contaminated food.
  • Fast foods/junk foods.
  • Processed foods containing toxic additives.
  • Drugs, including the prescribed ones.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Stress causes toxic hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol to be released in the body.

What are the signs of having toxins in your body?

  • Excessive mucus or runny nose.
  • Headaches and fuzzy thinking.
  • Nausea.
  • Bad breath and body odour.
  • Puffy eyes and face.
  • A sluggish digestive system, causing weight gain and constipation.
  • Excessive weight and bloated tummy.
  • Fatigue.
  • Skin reactions, such as rashes and outbreaks.
  • Sensitivity to chemical smells, such as fragrances.
  • Chronic muscle and joint pains.

The benefits of detoxifying your body

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Weight loss
  • A clear skin
  • Clearer thinking
  • General health and wellbeing
  • It is anti-aging

Natural ways to cleanse your body

Drastic ways to detox, such as fasting and colon cleanses, can harm your body. Here are natural ways to cleanse your body and keep your energy levels up:

  • Drink as much (pure) water as possible.
  • Diet: As much organic, raw/alkaline vegetables, fruits, sprouts, raw nuts and seeds as possible. Juicing raw vegetables and fruits – as organic as possible.
  • Detoxifying smoothies or juices. Replace a meal a day by blending a  smoothie or revitalise by juicing with vegetables and fruit. (see ‘Blending versus juicing’)
  • Probiotics to balance the ‘good’ bacteria in your digestive system.
  • Exercise that helps you break a sweat and stimulates your lymphatic system, e.g. rebounding.
  • Meditation.
  • Breathe clean air, as natural as possible or invest in a good quality air purifier for your home or office.
  • Brush your skin to stimulate circulation.
  • Deep massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage.
  • Saunas or steam baths.
  • Hot salt water baths – use sea salt or epsom salts.
  • Deep breathing exercises.
  • Natural herbal remedies.
  • Acupuncture, reflexology or acupressure.
Are you aware of any other natural ways to cleanse your body?


  1. Hi Eril,
    Thank You for posting this information, I agree with You %100. ! I have been drinking fruit smoothies for a few years now, first thing in the morning for breakfast and another for an evening snack. I use the big cup in my Nutribullet.
    Typically my shakes consist of:
    1 apple
    Fresh or frozen blueberries
    Almond milk
    ice cubes
    filtered water
    1 scoop of protein powder

    I used to the good feeling now, but I remember when I first started doing this how I felt so much better and noticed I was able to concentrate and think more clearly at work It works!

  2. Hi Eril!

    Great info and a great topic!
    I have done some detoxing in my past and have always been happy with the results. It can be a tough process but well worth it. I would typically accomplish this by diet and exercise personally.
    Are there any detox methods out there that you would not recommend due to potential risks?

    Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks for your feedback Brian! I wouldn’t recommend detox methods that are drastic, such as long fasts. Always get professional supervision or consult with a medical practitioner if you follow any regimen or diet.

  3. So many factors that cause toxicity in our bodies. That is insane! I have been trying to stay clean and healthy for a while and I have seen the positive changes. But it can be a challenge if we don’t follow a set of “rules”. This is article is great. I can definitely take notes and add some of these practices. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi Eril,
    I always wanted to start with a diet to detox my body.
    I will definitely take you advice that you wrote here, but can you seggeset on a diet that clean the body?

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