what is a healthy environmentWhat is a healthy environment?

A healthy environment is an environment in which everyone is responsible for themselves.

To have a healthy environment we all need to be healthy. Therefore we as individuals need to be healthy. Then, what is a healthy environment? It is one in which each one of us takes the responsibility for healing ourselves.

How can we heal ourselves?

I can explain this by starting with energy. Remember what Einstein said: “Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you will get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Energy is all around us. Everything is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies and taking up a variety of forms. We are able to see lower vibrating energy forms, such as a chair, a piece of fruit or water.

The higher the frequency of the energy the less you can perceive it. They can only be perceived by sensing, such as feeling – sadness, happiness, the wind against your skin, or a drum beat underfoot.

Each of us ‘sees’ things (or energies) to different degrees, according to our own point of view and ability. Some of us, including animals, can see better, hear better, smell better or feel more than others. Some of us can perceive the even more subtle, ‘invisible’ energies, such as intuitive insight or telepathy.

We have been brought up to believe that if you cannot measure something it is not real. This is a limiting belief. Quantum Physics has demonstrated that the old Newtonian laws of physics are limited and beyond capability of proof.

We are all connected

Repeated scientific research on the Law of Entanglement in quantum physics shows that particles become interdependent when they interact with one another, and thus that we are all connected.

The great philosopher and psychoanalyst of the 20th century, Carl Jung, talked about the collective unconscious that connects us all at a deeper level.

There is a universal mind connection in the realm of the unconscious that we all share.

Separation disease

We are suffering from a separation sickness. We have lost our connection to ourselves, to one another, to earth and to nature in general.

Modern society has become caught up in a rat race that forces it to become more and more materialistic. Our values have become more superficial – its a race to become bigger and better than the neighbours: richer, better looking, more controlling, etc. This has led us to become more competitive, separatist and fundamentalist (the need to be right) in our way of being.

Separation disease causes an unhealthy environment

Materialistic values cause loneliness, anxiety, depression, stress and illness. In our relationships with one another it has lead to separation and isolation. On a global scale it has ultimately led us to power struggles and war, i.e. killing one another ‘legally’.

This race for power and money has had dire consequences on our planet

  • Agriculture – mass production has caused us to destroy natural ecosystems on mother earth.
  • Indiscriminate and mass depletion of the earths natural resources, i.e. our natural forests, in mining, drilling for oil, fishing.
  • Artificial cultivation, pesticides and hormones are toxic not only to earth, but to every living thing on it.
  • Food, such as wheat, has lost all its nutrients. 
  • Mass ‘production’ of animals for food has lead us to turn a blind eye on the way we treat animals with the belief that they are inferior to us and only a commodity.
  • Toxic waste and contamination, such as industrial chemicals and plastics, are strangling the earth and its environment.
  • Climate change, which is reaching a critical point of no return for humanity.

Greed has caused us to lose respect and connection with what is most important to us – our relationships with ourselves, with others and with our environment. We have lost the value of LOVE.

The effect of separation disease on our energy levels

The more separated and superficial we are the lower our energy frequency or vibration. You can also look at it the other way round – the lower our energy vibration, the more separated and superficial we are!

The more connected we are the higher our energy vibration and the more conscious we become. The more conscious we become the more we can perceive, including our senses (sight, hearing, smell, feeling, intuition).

To be able to perceive more we need to raise our consciousness, or raise our energy frequency or vibration. This is also referred to as ‘awakening’.

By raising our energy frequencies and our consciousness we start creating what is a healthy environment.

How do we raise our consciousness or energy frequency levels?

Through healing, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. This is called holistic healing, mind body healing or energy healing.

There are many ways to go about healing holistically:

  • Healing our bodies through adequate diet, detoxingkeeping fit and getting a regular massage.
  • Regaining our connection, self awareness and relationship with ourselves by practicing mindfulness and meditation.
  • Practicing affirmations and visualisation techniques to change negative mindsets.
  • Getting support from energy healing (mind body medicine) modalities that can help us to:
    • Heal the causes of disease or illness.
    • Release the false, limiting or negative beliefs about ourselves that are holding us back from being who we authentically are.

How we create a healthy environment

When we heal ourselves it creates a ripple effect. Our energy frequencies vibrate at higher levels and because we are all connected we help to raise the energy levels of everybody and everything around us. Our environment starts to resonate with our energy frequency. We create around us what is a healthy environment!

Would you like to start healing yourself to heal the world?