Genetic control is out – your beliefs shape your life

genetic control

Amazing new discovery out-rules genetic control

Epigenetics is a new field of scientific development that is revolutionising our understanding of the link between mind and matter. It has discovered that genetic control is not true. Our belief that genes control our diseases is therefore completely false.

Bruce Lipton, an American developmental biologist, during his studies experienced a scientific epiphany that shattered traditional scientific belief. He says that he suddenly realized that a cell’s life is controlled by the physical environment and not by its genes. 

His discoveries show that the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning on all the cells of our body are affected by our thoughts. This means that we are far more powerful in our ability to change ourselves and our brains than we ever knew before!

A gene is simply a blueprint that makes the proteins or building blocks of the body – the genes just make the parts. What controls us is our beliefs, our thoughts and our attitudes.

Our thoughts control our bodies

How we think is turned into chemistry that goes through our body and controls the activity of our genes. So if you change your thoughts you actually change your biology. Less than 1% of disease is actually connected to genetics! It is how we live – our lifestyle – that is causing disease. The biggest cause of disease is really due to stress.

Epidemiologists such as Paul H. Silverman, a pioneer in genome and stem cell research, have long known that diet, exercise, antioxidants and environmental factors can affect gene expression.

So rather than looking at the pharmaceutical industry to treat our diseases, we should look at how we are living our lives in this stressful world. We aren’t subject to genetic control. We are free to change the aspects of our lives that are causing stress and so change our biology and our lives.

We are no longer the victims of our genes

It is therefore important to understand that you have power over your biology. You are not the victim of your genes. It is your lifestyle that causes disease.

Knowledge is power. So with the knowledge that you are not your genes you are empowered to be the master of your health, rather than the victim. You can control your genetics through the way you live, your diet, lifestyle, your emotions, your beliefs, etc.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. The new science is that information – you can control your life and your destiny.

How can you be the master of your biology?

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Are you the master of your biology?



  1. It’s so freeing when you realize that you truly do create your own reality. I know that it can be hard to accept, especially if one is in a period of hard growth or illness, but taking responsibility for our thoughts, moods, beliefs, and reality is the key for living the life you really want. Thanks for another great article!

  2. I was pleased to run across this information. I totally believe it this new idea of how thinking changes you. I had not heard of Bruce Lipton before but will definitely be looking into his writings later.
    Glad I found this. Thanks so much.

  3. First off I love your photo in the header and your topic is so worth delving into. I believe that stress can be a huge part of illness. I will certainly check this out further and have a look at the webinars. Thank you for sharing such value.

  4. Amazing article on the power of thought, feelings, and beliefs. I’ve always believed this and it’s a great re-enforcer.

    Attitudes really play a big part in a person’s life, relationships, and stress level. It can make or break a marriage, a business, or a life.

    I have also found the Bible to be a great comfort too. It has gotten me through many a trial and added a lot of peace to my life, amid other’s attempted trial by fire. Much better than the blame game, which happens so often to a person’s own peril.

    So appreciate the validation! Thank you

    ~Evon 🙂

  5. I like this a lot. Very interesting that we are in control of our bodies and it is not just our genes. It is crazy that stress is such a main factor of disease – it is so true though. I noticed that when I went from a stressful job to a slightly more laid back atmosphere my health changed almost immediately. Crazy how the brain works, huh? Loved the article!

  6. This is definitely something that I’ve found important in my life recently. It can be hard to realize that we have control and don’t have to be victims. Sometimes, we just defer to calling things predetermined or selling ourselves short. Many entrepreneurs will assert that changing their beliefs and taking control of their emotions is what made them successful.

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